About Lenny

Lenny Soares is an itinerant charismatic leader and speaker dedicated to share God’s love through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He served as the National Youth Leader of the youth ministry of NCCRS (National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services, India) and an ex-member of the National Service Team.His candid communication style allows him to share openly and practically about his personal life and through it, draw people to the source and cause of his joy – the person of Jesus Christ.

Lenny’s encounter with Jesus in 1997 (following a hostile family atmosphere, a growing sense of emptiness, and a few frustrated attempts at suicide) has ever since provided thousands of people worldwide from every walk of life, a resonating hope and an opportunity to discover a life of freedom and victory in Christ.

Lenny travels extensively in India and across the world teaching, training, ministering and counseling through an arena of conferences, retreats, seminars and missions.He is very popular among young people and well known for his creative delivery on youth platforms where he conducts a plethora of retreats and seminars including trainings, workshops and leadership programs for youth and young adults equipped for ministerial responsibility.

Lenny is a songwriter, composer and worship leader. He strongly believes that the Gospel teaching remains the backbone of the various components of worship and thus guards the integrity of the worshipper. Lenny with the Gospel Band “By Grace” has performed at the World’s largest catholic youth gatherings at the World Youth Day in Australia 2008, at Diocese in Melbourne, WYD in Sydney and Madrid in 2010. He conducts workshops extensively on Praise and Worship where he continues to foster the expressions of worship as a lifestyle, which he believes is the only way to an exciting journey in Christ, both individually and corporately as a body.


Early 2008, Lenny began to sense God leading him to love Jesus “in the poor” and in ‘the least’– an essential component in reaching the value of humanity in a fragmented world. As the yearning to touch those most in need accelerated over the years, Love Joy Hope Foundation, a non-profit Trust was established in 2011, as the charitable expression of Lenny’s ministry and is supported by his wife and its partners. In 2015, Lenny sensed the Lord leading him to move in with the orphan children. Even though a lofty decision such as this involves much reasoning, Lenny demonstrates that a life surrendered to Jesus Christ brings us to a place where reasons fade and God Will’s worked out for our greater good prevails.

Passionately devoted to outreach, the Love Joy Hope Foundation continues to support the needs of the underprivileged by holding feeding and giveaways programs and vigorously seeking innovative ways to reach their need.

Lenny says “I want to be radically in love with Jesus at all times, a person after God’s own heart, a worshipper who pursues Him as He relentlessly pursues me. Love is a commitment that will continually test the authenticity of my discipleship, its demands that will force me to alienate my will for the sake of bringing the Gospel to the lost and broken – but this is what which brings me lasting joy”

Lenny is married to Nadia and is blessed with a daughter Naomi and a son Nathan. He strongly believes in ministry not being an isolated spiritual activity but rather the very life of Christ infusing every area of our human existence, of which marriage plays a pivotal part. Lenny’s intentional time with family, whether engaged with ministry or off pulpit, speaks volumes of his commitment to marriage and parenting, both of which he preaches with passion.

Lenny and his family live with other orphan children who they delightfully call their own. When not travelling, Lenny enjoys playing sports, besides reading and writing or simply ‘hanging out with friends’.


"For the equipment of the saints, for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ" - Ephesians 4:12