Journey through Lent – Episode 8: Encounter at the Well

From John 4 (1-42), lets uncover a few lessons:

Who were the Samaritans?

The Samaritans were a racially mixed society with Jewish and pagan ancestry. Because of their imperfect adherence to Judaism and their partly pagan ancestry, the Samaritans were despised by ordinary Jews.

Jesus indicated a “new” attitude towards the Samaritans when He passed through their towns instead of crossing the Jordan to avoid them and spoke with a Samaritan woman, contrary to Jewish custom.

Who is this ‘samaritan’ woman ?

The samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus at ‘noon’ time represented her ethnic rejection and isolation from society. She represents one that is broken under sin, discarded and fragmented out of five failed marriages.

It is what Jesus ‘gives’ her and not what He ‘takes’ away from her, that moves her from her fears and schemes for self preservation, to the radiant source of her fulfilment – Christ Himself!

What do we learn from this story?

The woman is a symbol of the ‘church’ and Christ is symbolic of a ‘ bridegroom’ – who in His pursuit of her, shows us His pursuit of us, sinners, by never giving up on us.

Lent is a return to “faith” – an invitation to be brought back to Christ where we once again discover that He alone fulfils a greater thirst – that of our soul!

Jesus’ encounter with us not only breaks barriers of sin but also nurtures in us the hope of transformation giving us new identities and new beginnings.


This Lent, Jesus invites us to leave our ‘jars’ behind so that we might discover our own ‘broken cisterns’ that cannot hold water and truly find Him – who will never leave us thirsty.

Lent uncovers the ‘real’ longings of our soul and turns our restless thirsts to the relentless love of God, that we might draw deeply and be satisfied by Him.


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