Journey through Lent – Episode 7: What is alms giving?


What do we learn about alms giving ?

Lent invites us to a Christian life that mirrors the “attitude” of Christ – our secret giving nurtures humility and protects us from pride and self pleasure that often accompanies public giving.

What did Jesus say about alms giving ?

Jesus draws our attention to those marginalised by poverty while giving us an opportunity to encounter His Presence in the least of these, when acts of mercy, kindness and justice are embraced and enacted.

Alms giving is not about how many coins we give away, rather it is about how generously our hearts are capable of love.

The point of alms giving is to give from the abundance of our hearts – Rather than seeing poverty, hunger & as societal ills, our blessing is offered as Jesus is served in the least of these.

The riches of life, when not viewed from the perspective of Christian responsibility can ensnare one in the worst of vices like Greed, Covetousness and Avarice.

It is in dying to man made scales of wealth and prosperity that we are truly awakened to living like Christ in the poor and the least.

How do we live the virtue of giving?


# 1. Visit your belongings and “spring-clean”

For Christians, the stewardship of our lives is a gift and a responsibility from God. Just as the generosity of God has no limits so does our response.

#2. Give until it hurts

Whatever one might count as personal ‘wealth’ is never something that is possessed, but something that is entrusted for good use in this world and we start small – “give something”

#3. Begin somewhere. Begin small.

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